“Going through your drama really helped me feel more grounded. Wish you could take on the State of the Union – and see if we could get them all singing. You are awesome!”

—Steve Kopp
St Luke Institute, metro Washington DC

“You are authentic healers and the world needs more of you.”

Charlottesville VA

“A brilliant group facilitator…She is perceptive and respectful in her interactions and brings a depth of knowledge, a beautiful style of inclusivity and a thoughtful and easy presence.”

—Karen Carnabucci, LCSW, TEP
Author, Psychotherapist

“Andrea consistently brings her authenticity, creativity, intellect and a deep reflection into her work. I am particularly impressed by her ability to balance her sophisticated knowledge (anthropology, sociology, Jungian psychology, cultural competency, international experience) with a personal genuineness and humility.”

—Scott Giacomucci, PhD, CTTS, CP, PAT, Founder of Phoenix Center for Experiential Trauma Therapy

“Andrea is very thoughtful and conscientious about what she does, always considering the impact of her actions on others…detail-oriented and willing to put in extra work to complete a project.”

—Joshua S Lee, LCSW
Director of The Game Plan©

“A wonderful facilitator. She has great sensitivity, pays attention to details she uses for the benefit of the group or people she works with.”

—Gabriel Thibaut de Maisieres
San Francisco
“Thank you for such a profoundly healing and restorative experience. Your energy and containment felt safe.”

— Janice
Charlottesville VA

“A community leader bringing together a diverse team of professionals…an open warm hearted woman who truly believes in what she offers…worked together in Recover!Charlottesville after the racial violence.”

—Kate Hudgins, PhD TEP
Director of Therapeutic Spiral Int’l

“Thank you so much for your time and energy and healing.”

Charlottesville VA

“What a wonderful caring day with us. Thank you for the laughter and the kindness.”

— Becky
Charlottesville VA

“Andrea is a wonderful team collaborator – with great ideas followed up by action! – and a fantastic workshop designer and leader. She is kind, fully present, listens deeply, responds intuitively – knowing just what to say and do to meet the participants where they are. Her remarkably balanced leadership style – gentle, playful, improvisational and compassionate integrated with being knowledgeable, solid and grounded – help participants feel safe and at ease and open. She offers creative experiences that allow the authentic voice and expression to emerge from participants in ways that are engaging, fun, thought-provoking and meaningful. I highly recommend working with her.”

—Michelle James
CEO of The Center for Creative Emergence